Friday, June 17, 2011

Hear me out....

Sometimes people don't agree with how I see the world. Usually they think I'm just plain stupid and wrong. What they don't realize is that there can be more than just a 'right' or 'wrong' answer to a statement. Maybe there can be multiple reasons. But even while I write this I know that there will be a lot of people thinking that I write rubbish and that this post is well...... Wrong. Most of these people might even be relatives of mine who stumble across this blog. And although I really don't want them to hate me or my way of thinking, I have to write this. As this is my blog, I have to write my thoughts, my opinions and my suggestions. I don't mean to hurt anyone but i do have a freedom to speech. At home a lot of people don't pay attention to what I say. In an earlier post I wrote about how someone can hear but not listen and honestly, that was from personal experience. I want my voice to be heard and this was a good way to do it. But even as I started this blog I got warned by everyone I knew to not say something that might cause trouble for me by the conservative people who believe in only the 'right' and 'wrong' answers. That was their way of saying that if I wrote something They didn't believe in, it would cause trouble for me by Them. Of course, I tried looking at the situation from their shoes but it didn't suit me well. Still I try to keep an open mind to what they said every time I sit down to write. The reason I don't post often is because the things I want and need to say are silenced. I believe in things a lot of people in India don't. I believe in things a lot of people all around the world don't. But does this mean that these things are not supposed to be believed in? Does this mean that I don't have the freedom to believe? I hope not.

I just want a place where I can present the world from my point of view. I don't ask anyone to agree with me but it would be nice to not be shushed all the time. If anyone who doesn't believe in what I say comes across this, they can simply choose to not read it. Trust me, I won't hunt you down and kill you. In return, I would like the reason for writing this blog back. I would like the freedom to write it. 

I'm not a bad person. I won't write in a way that will hurt anyone. And if something I say does hurt someone, I apologize in advance. I respect all perceptions even though I may or may not believe in them. All I ask for is the same.

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