Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free Yourself

--I miss writing here. It's been too long but I have just been so busy. I can't even think straight, let alone write well. But I wrote this a while ago, when I felt like a terrible person. That happens sometimes but I accept that and am trying to get better. Another reason that I'm updating right now is because I feel that way right now. But I'll be better by the time this entry gets 3 views. I think. Anyways, this is pure fiction, I think it's easier making up stories while writing poems. My own life is too messed up to rhime. So now, after months, here you are, a useless poem:


Free Yourself
     Free yourself from the falling tears,
Remember the lies as the truth,
    Pretend as if everything's alright,
Even if the pain continues to intrude.

    Free yourself from the selfish desires,
Remember the times when there were none.
   Live in those times, kill those thoughts,
For those times should help you through the times to come.

    Free yourself from the cutting pain,
Think o fit as a sensation in your mind.
  Think, though even when the pain would end,
It will always leave a residue behind.

   Free yourself dark sorrow,
Paint happy memories instantly,
  Free yourself from the tainted and bad,
Free yourself from me.

I'm not perfect, not even close. Don't be like me. You can be an angel, but I can turn you black. I can turn you against the light and everything you believe in. Then even if you become mine, you won't be this epitome of pureness that you are now. You won't be my angel. You'd be my fallen angel.

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