Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zangoora, The Gypsy Prince.

I'm currently obsessing over Broadway. Well, I was always in love with theatrical shows, but 2010-11 has brought me a new interest in them. Unfortunately, I have never seen a performance in real life and so cannot fully comment on them (besides saying that they FRIKKIN' BLOW YOUR MIND) but I can give a review on the attempt my country, India, has made on a theatrical musical. And I can say that this attempt was in no way in vain. The musical I talk of is said to be Bollywood's biggest musical experience ever. This extravaganza is in fact, 'Zangoora' the gypsy prince.

For those who don't know the story of Zangoora, it is about a prince being raised as a gypsy boy as he was unaware of his real parents being rulers. This gypsy prince grows up to be handsome, popular and talented and falls in love with a princess. The story follows his tale of finding out his true identity and in the end (of course) getting the girl and defeating the evil guy who killed his parents. (not a spoiler, if you know Bollywood, you know that's what would happen) And obviously, where there is Bollywood, there are Hindi songs and a LOT of dancing. And kebabs, but we'll get to that later.
The only problem I had with this play was that the songs were all but one from Hindi movies. I thought they were going to be original. Oh well, the dancing was great. And now for the kebabs- I recognized one of the dancers as a guy who used to sell me kebabs! Really, he was amazing (for those who are wondering, amazing in both the dancing and the kebab making) I guess it really doesn't matter where you come from to be great.

So yeah, Zangoora was overall a thrilling experience and I truly wish all Indians who get a chance would go and watch it.
P. S- foreigners can watch too, they just have to pay Rs. 200 more for the headsets that play the english dialogues. They come in French and Spanish too, I think :)