Friday, January 7, 2011

The Challenge

When I looked back at my Twilight calendar (yes, I did have a Twilight calendar in '10) I realized just how many holiday celebrations there are in the world. I know this because Edward Sparklyhands displays several, if not all of them. It was sad to see that I had yet not celebrated 93% of these holidays. So this year, I decided that screwing every other clichéd resolution people would make and then well.....not go through with, I would challenge myself. So:

The challenge was that I would, like any other lonely blogger with 3 followers, Celebrate EVERY holiday of the year.
And of course I told myself.......
The year will be an enjoyable one. I look forward to beating last year me.


  1. :)
    What exactly are these holidays all about? :)
    And it would be fun to celebrate everything! :)
    And your stick figures look really cute :)

  2. even the small ones? like a small impoverished country celebrates its independence? lol

    finally found your blog. thank u facebook!

  3. @chocolatelover Normal holidays. Like Christmas and Thanksgiving and Diwali and Id. We just felt like we needed more reasons to be happy. :) :D

  4. @ʎonqʎʇıɔ Well, maybe. Why not? It'll give us more reason to eat cake. :D
    And thanks, again, for checking out the blog. Means a lot. :)

  5. Everyone needs a reason to be happier so this is awesome :)