Friday, December 30, 2011

Final Post

For some reason a lot of people have said 2011 was one of the worst years of their lives. On the contrary it was one of the best for me. It was like chocolate sprinkles on a strawberry doughnut kept on a rainbow coloured unicorn plate of gold for me. Not that I like unicorn flavoured doughnuts. My favourite is crispy cream. Or chocolate filled. OR BLUEBERRY!

Getting back.

It was a fun year. Loads of theatre, singing and cooking. Not enough blogging unfortunately.

This year was one I would remember.

It just decided to combine all the good things in life. I have never felt more confident and let me tell you- It feels great.

New York was definitely a high shining bright spot of sunshine in 2011. The best place on Earth. No point arguing.

But, it wasn't all laughing around and goofing off. I learnt really important things too. Like the fact that Justin Beiber is a nice guy. He's even talented. But I still hate his fans. *smiley face*

I'm going to try taking some singing classes next year. And cook more. Coming second in Masterchef Modern made me all kinds of upset.
(Oh yeah. My school had a Masterchef. Beat that losers!)

I think I'll really put in more effort with this blog. I don't write enough and it really is something I love. I appreciate all 10 of you who follow this blog for nothing. I'll do more to make it worthwhile, I promise :)

Ciao 2011, hope the new year will be just as awesome!

Saanya A,
Talk The Talk

P.S- If you're wondering why I write my blog's name after my own, it's just cos it makes me feel more professional :D

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