Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Job, Steve Jobs! (A terrible title for an amazing inventer)

In light of Mr. Steve Jobs' recent death, this blog has dedicated itself to. I have decided that after months of not posting anything, my comeback post will be to him. Though to Apple I am nothing, to me Apple is close to everything. The man was an inspiration and he will be missed so much by the world that I swear the kids of my grand kids will mourn each year on this day. Here is a short review on all the Apple products I have:
1) The iPod 30GB Video:

My review-This was the first Apple product I got and I still treasure it. Incredible still and always will be.

2) The iPod Shuffle 1st Generation:
A gift from my dad. Mine is purple too (I love purple so this was a perfect gift) And though some people complain because they can't choose the exact song they want to listen to without searching a lot, I never really had any trouble with it. It's an epic little thing.
3) The iPad I:

Another gift from my dad. God, I love this thing so much. At first I was so afraid to own it that I had nightmares that I spoiled it. I used to wake up at night, go to my desk, hug it and then go back to sleep. Yeeeaaaah, probably shouldn't have admitted that. But wow, this thing is beautiful.
4) The Macbook:

Okay so technically it's my mum's but I'm using it now so I suppose I can call it part mine. Maybe. Not. But it's so fun and fast and pretty!
5) The iPhone 4:
 This one's my baby. I just got it and I'm head over heels in love. My brother had it in black so I already knew the features but mine is white. Yes, it is a big difference. I named it Pattie Luphone. After Pattie Lupone. You know her. YOU SHOULD KNOW HER.
That's her just beeteedubloo.

So there, five wonderful Apple products. I love every one of them and will cherish them till I die. Steve Jobs did an exceptional job with every product he ever made. Rest In Peace sir, I'll miss your brilliance forever.


  1. A great loss for us geeks. Whatever will happen to us now? :(

  2. @citybuoy I was so upset when I found out he was going to pass away soon but oddly I didn't feel as bad when he did die. It's a terrible loss for the technology world but Apple will continue being awesome.

  3. Here's a question. Do you think the upcoming Apple products will EVER have the extraordinary appeal that they used to have when Jobs had invented them? :'(
    *Sniff sniff*
    I don't think so.