Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An open letter to VanillaSweetheart

You should know that I'm mocking you with the title.
Internet rants are not my specialty but for you, and only you darling, I'm willing to try. I don't appreciate your bitching and joking about my accent but because it was only in school and not on a public forum, I let it slip. The internet however, is a bigger deal.

Get this in your head- I am a bigger person than you. I am using your pseudonym so that by the end of this you have at least a bit of respect left and I hope that will be enough for you to apologise.

Let's get it clear Sweetheart, what you do or say on your blog doesn't affect me a bit if you're not talking about me. When I read your blog for the first time, I thought 3 things:
1) She writes well and her blog is quite engaging.
2) Words like 'wanna' and 'gonna' almost destroy her posts. She shouldn't use them.
3) She should stop calling it her 'personal diary'. IT'S ON THE NET.

Basically, your blog was not interesting enough for me to go back to. Still I complemented you the very next day just to be polite and SUGGESTED that writing full words might be a good thing. I didn't say that your blog is terrible. I didn't state the various problems with it. And not once did I utter anything along the lines of, "Your English is horrendous." I did not imply it and honestly, I don't care enough about you or your speech to say something like that anyways. I don't know Bengali and you do. Doesn't make you better than me. Same way though my English is more developed than yours, I don't think I am better.

But since we are on this topic, let me tell you what really is wrong with your beloved blog.

Firstly, if it's on a public forum, it's not personal. Don't get hurt if you posts are read by people and if they have opinions about it. If you didn't mean for anyone to read it, you could have changed your privacy settings. And not telling anyone about the blog in the first place would have been an absolutely FANTASTIC idea. The world gossips- deal with it. And once people found out about the blog, you could have changed the URL.
Aren't all the possibilities shocking? In any case, writing your over emotional releases over the net was a terrible idea to begin with.

Secondly, if you didn't want people to get involved in your blog even if they read it, a really good idea would have been to not use their real names. Nobody wants to be the cause of, or even a part of, anyone else's problems. Hell, that's the reason I'm ranting in the first place. And honey, some of the people you talk about are so sick of it, they can punch you in the face.

I understand that you have problems. I'm sorry you do. But find a better way to solve them. An electronic diary is not one. And taking my name in something I find a waste of my time, just to make me sound like a villain and you the helpless victim, is definitely not one either.

I hope my words haven't hurt you too much.
Have fun writing VanillaSweetheart,
I bet we all would be clutching our seats with anticipation for your next post.

With loads of disgust,
Saanya A,
Talk The Talk


  1. Ouch. My stance has always been that anything on the net is public domain.

  2. @citybuoy mine too. I don't want to be so... Evil but honestly, this is just a reply and I don't regret it. At all.