Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Wet Wall

It is like wet paint on a wall that was quickly dried up. On the surface it is dry, but inside you know that the wall is still quite wet and this dampness would soon seep through, not only soiling the wall but also the pictures hung on it. Sometimes I don't realize that I dried the wall too quickly, sometimes the dampness starts showing, but I fix it quickly and move on. This time it's different. The pictures are all dumped next to the tea leaves in the garbage can and the wall is to be given a professional treatment. It's spoilt and there's no fixing it. It doesn't matter that it isn't my fault, that you were supposed to fix it if it soils again. What is done, is done. My wall has gone and so have your pictures.
There are two things we can do now, forget about it and throw away the pictures, let our home be darkened with the spoilt wall and live with it till we move out. Or we can give it the treatment, paint new pictures and move on. Live in our home, continue with our lives.

1 comment:

  1. The wall sounds pretyy intersting ;)
    You should make smileys on it too :)